Melbourne Loft


Situated in a Melbourne lane way, this loft style apartment is found within a heritage building. Originally functioning as a dressmakers, the space has a charming blend of architectural qualities with high ceilings, solid timber storehouse doors, arched and industrial wired windows.

The design intent of this generous one-bedroom apartment was to maximise living spaces, while distilling the original character of the room.  The master bedroom /robe and bathroom are set back and obscured behind a full height ribbed glass screen with adjoining sliders. The ribbed glass itself produces dynamic levels of lighting and movement between the 2 rooms. The custom kitchen joinery is plywood finished in a metallic automotive coating, providing lustre which compliments the dark matt walnut floors.

The walls are a combination of white washed brick or lined with more expansive custom joinery in a soft matte finish.

Windows and doors are now activated to open up the apartment onto the adjacent lane way, allowing our clients to welcome the inner-city atmosphere whenever they choose.

Photography by Tom Blachford.