Charcoal Lane

Charcoal Lane is designed with dual function as a restaurant and a training facility for aboriginal and disadvantaged young people. Charcoal Lane is a not for profit social enterprise run by Mission Australia and one of the first of its kind in Australia. The aim of this project was to create an interior that was youthful and unrecognisably aboriginal. Sought as a destination which has a local context to the surrounding restaurants and galleries in Gertrude Street Fitzroy.  With this we were able to create a cultural context with a series of art installations, which can be seen in the a hand crafted eel trap lighting and in art commissions by Gail Maddigan + Jennifer Mullet.

Designed in collaboration with Tandem design studio.

Photography by Sonia Mangiapane.

Meme is an Interior Design & Architecture Practice based in South Melbourne, Victoria.