NGVI Bookstore

The NGVI Bookshop within the foyer space of the National Gallery of Victoria.

Blurring the line of commerce and art, shop and foyer throughout the store the customer interacts with varied products and experiences ranging from the bookshop, library, kids’ products, homewares, adornment and paper. Each of the areas is purpose-built + considered to maximise the product + the shopper’s desires and needs. Joinery is interactive, bookcases hold books but also become seating. Merchandise displays become screens to create intimate places.  The idea was to remove the barrier between the shop front, the interior and the museum foyer and set up a series shops within the store. At the entry low-height joinery is designed to house carefully curated merchandise and new releases of books. A Gallery Kitchen Cafe alongside the shop also underwent a make-over, completed in 2011.

Designed in collaboration with Tandem design studio.

Photography by Dianna Snape & Shannon McGrath

Meme is an Interior Design & Architecture Practice based in South Melbourne, Victoria.